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The Gallery entrance is in the back on McHenry St. near Lydia St.

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“2017 Art Sanctuary Member Exhibition”

Dec 1 – 30, 2017

Opening Reception:
Dec 1, 2017
6-9 pm

Member artists share their paintings, drawings, photos, jewelry, and more!


“The Way Out is In/The Way In is Out”
Carrie Neumayer

Nov 3 – 26, 2017

Opening Reception:
Nov 3, 2017
6-9 pm

Carrie is an accomplished artist, illustrator, musician, and director for Girls Rock Louisville.
Carrie has produced an array of strong, expressionist portraits and abstracts.

” I created this work out of a compulsion to collect and experiment with materials and channel
feelings of anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk in a productive way.

For the first series, I visited flea markets, junkyards and thrift stores to accumulate once discarded
items and infuse them with new life by arranging them into assemblages. Onto those surfaces, I painted
portraits of strangers who I found by combing through stacks of photographs, magazines and newspapers. While
my intention was to represent strangers, I noticed that they always ended up looking a bit like warped self-portraits or a mask.

This realization made me decide to get rid of representation entirely. I started listening to avant garde
composers like Alice Coltrane, Susie Ibarra, Patty Waters and Nicole Mitchell in the studio while I worked.
I didn’t want to hear anything with a conventional narrative or structure. As I listened, I responded intuitively
through a variety of materials. The process became a form of meditation that allowed me to turn off my
anxious mind and explore a more interior portrait instead of an external one”



Art Sanctuary is pleased to host two participants of the Louisville Photo Biennial this year:
Jonas Wilson in September, and Joe Mays in October.

Our first is Jonas Wilson. Jonas creates intriguing pattern and a sense of space with these black and white photographs of buildings in Louisville, KY and surrounding cities. Devoid of nature and people, we are forced to contemplate these quiet, and sometimes disorienting images of our contemporary landscape. Printed on masonite, metal, and archival paper.

“Urban Abstraction”
Works by Jonas Wilson

Sept 1 – 24, 2017

Closing Reception:
Sept 30, 2017
6-9 pm

Closing reception will have Jonas taking portraits with his 4 X 5 camera, and an auction of one of his 8″ x 10″ pieces, ” Ascension.”
All proceeds will go to the Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Art Sanctuary
1433 S. Shelby St.
Louisville, KY 40217


Our second is Joe Mays.

“The Doors Series comes out of asking the subjects what it means to be in a space by themselves with just a door. Doors can mean so many things. They can mean protection, privacy, or prison. Isolation can be maddening or comforting. The door can separate us from what we want or what we fear. None of the subjects in any of the pieces in this series are professional models. All of the works in the series come out of conversations with the subjects about what comes to mind when when they think about isolation. It is my hope that this series leads people to think about what they running to or hiding from. All of the subjects here have stories behind their images. Think about what you see in their images, because what you see will come out of your own story.”   – Joe Mays

“Terms of Isolation”
Works by Joe Mays

Oct. 6 – 29, 2017

Opening Reception:
Oct, 6, 2017
6-9 pm

A print of ” Door # 18- The Game” will be entered into a silent auction
with proceeds going to the Center for Women and Families.


“value added”

New work by Tiffany Ackerman
July 7 – 30, 2017


Tiffany Ackerman paints symbols and creatures in whimsical balanced arrangements on reclaimed wood she finds throughout Louisville. Her primitive-inspired art depicts skulls, flowers, animals, and other familiar objects. She etches her subjects in bright, flat colors on a black backgrounds. She describes her work as, “stories told in pictures and like us, different but each vibrant and beautiful in their own way.”

Opening Reception:
July 7, 2017
6-9 pm

Art Sanctuary
1433 S. Shelby St.
Louisville, KY 40217
Old Louisville in November by Charlotte Ann Pollock, June 11, 2017 • Oil on Canvas

Lore and Landscapes: Paintings by Charlotte Ann Pollock
June 2 – July 2, 2017

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 2, 2017
5:30 -9:30 pm
1433 South Shelby Street
(Gallery entrance on McHenry St.)

Charlotte Ann Pollock
Born in Staunton, Virginia, raised in Goshen, Kentucky.
BFA University of Louisville with an emphasis in painting, 2012
Age: 26
Years as a professional artist: 8

Charlotte Ann Pollock is known for her beautiful plein-air paintings. However, she is not just a plein-air painter. Although you will recognize some of the locations Charlotte has chosen to paint (such as Old Louisville, and River Road), her work is about a sense of place, whether that be tangible or not. Sometimes the subject of her work can weave in remnants of dreams she has experienced, or depict a spiritual journey. Charlotte explains, “I’ve applied my plein-air painting approaches and techniques to bigger canvases now and am using them to focus on places integral to my life.”

“I want my art to initiate reflection, inviting people to become aware of their own emotional connections to places and to renew appreciation for landscapes on an emotional level.”

Please join us in kicking off our solo exhibitions for the year.