Event Space Rental

Rental Rates
Off Peak:

  • Event Room 9,500ft2 (597 people) – $1250/day (9am-2am)
  • Gallery 3,200ft2 (98 people) – $500/day (9am-2am)
  • Both – $1750/day (9am-2am)

Peak: Spring, Derby, Fall, Christmas/New Year – Rates Vary

50% of the rental fee is due at signing of the contract and the remainder is due in the form of a post-dated signed check at the time of the event. Event setup is day-of (9am-2am). All cleanup and removal of decorations must be disposed of at this time unless otherwise negotiated. Additional set up/decorating is $50 per hour and must be arranged in advance. Art Sanctuary will abide by all Metro Louisville noise ordinance regulations and any fines incurred will be the sole responsibility of the company Licensing the facilities. The company Licensing the facilities is responsible for ticketing for event and will supply a person to work the door.

Security Deposit And Damage(s)
A security deposit check of $1000 made payable to Art Sanctuary is required and due 10 days prior to the event. Please, note that this deposit is separate from the down payment to secure the date and space. This deposit will be refunded within three (3) days following the license period provided the premises are maintained and left in the same condition as when license, and satisfactory to Art Sanctuary management. However, if any cleaning or repairs deemed necessary beyond normal use (i.e. paint damage and floor gouges) will be charged and deducted from the security deposit. The caterer, if used, must clean the premises within two (2) hours following the event leaving it in the same condition and working order as at the start of the event setup. Caterers must remove all trash, composting and recyclables from the site as we do not have adequate facilities. Failure to remove or clean will result in additional fees. If the building or any part of the premises or its contents, including furniture or artwork, is damaged during the event, licensee will be solely responsible for such damage.

Insurance And Liability
Special Event Liability Insurance is required for ALL licensees and Caterers. Established Catering Services may use their license and insurance to cover this. The insurance must, at licensee’s sole expense, provide and maintain public liability and personal property damage insurance, insuring employees, contractors and contracted vendors against all bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and other loss arising out of licensee’s use and occupancy of the premises, or any other occupant on the premises, including appurtenances to the premises and sidewalks. The insurance required hereunder shall have a single limit liability of not less than $1 Million, and general aggregate liability of not less than $2 Million. Art Sanctuary shall be named as an additional insured of said policy. If alcohol is to be served please make sure that the policy includes Host Liquor Liability coverage to protect you against alcohol related accidents, as you are ultimately liable for the safety of your guests. Any caterers and/or outside vendors, companies, and/or institutions MUST provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance and Catering License to Art Sanctuary at least one month prior to the event.

Our facility is located at 1433 South Shelby Street in the Schnitzelburg-Germantown neighborhood near I65 and Eastern Parkway. We are within a few blocks of The Cure Lounge, Dairy Del, and Oscars Hardware, on Shelby, and a short walk down McHenry to the Goss Avenue corridor which includes Finns Southern Kitchen, Mr. Lee’s Lounge, EiDERDOWN, Hauck’s Handy Store, The Post, Four Pegs, Goss Ave Pub, The Pearl, and Bean.

Safety and Security
We are properly zoned, permitted, and insured for public events. We have a remotely monitored fire alarm system, an annually inspected fully sprinkled building, and 6 fire rated event exits that are all equipped with panic push bars and emergency lighting and signage. We also have a remotely monitored security system, video surveillance, metal detector, and work with the LMPD on added patrols during events.

Our building started as Merchants Ice Storage in 1924 then became Modern Rug Cleaning from 1927 – 1952. Precision Tool, Die and Machine Co. purchased and expanded the building in the 60’s and eventually moved out in 2008. Jabar LLC and Voit Electric Co. used the building as boat and RV storage until 2011. Art Sanctuary moved in 2011 and started renovations for our offices and art studios. Rezoning and permitting for the event space and gallery where secured in the fall of 2016.

Occupancy and Square Footages
Our large room is rated by the fire marshal to hold 597 people plus 98 more in the attached gallery. The large room is about 9,500ft2 with 23ft ceilings, and gallery about 3,200ft2 with 13ft ceilings, plus a 1,300ft2 equipment storage area. We have 2 bathrooms, one in the gallery and one in the large room also holding a utility mop basin. Port-a-pots can be added in the back parking lot, off of the gallery entrance as needed, for an extra fee.

The Gallery
The 3,200ft2 gallery has 13ft ceilings, a 10ft garage door, exposed joist ceilings, and track lighting. There are two lighted 8’ tall x 12’ wide z-shaped rolling walls with 8’ tall x 4’ wide returns on either end for a total of 80 linear feet of mobile, plywood backed drywall hanging surface. We also have ten 8’ tall x 6’ wide canvas covered fence section hanging systems for a total of 60 additional feet of hanging surface. In addition we have 25 portable art easels. The gallery will have art shows hung during some events and the content of the shows will be decided by Art Sanctuary. If planned far enough in advance, we may be able to accommodate special shows in conjunction with your event.

Parking and Loading
We have 87 offsite parking spaces, ample street parking, a bus stop at our front door serving line 43, and an ADA compliant van loading space on site. There is a 10ft garage door in the gallery at McHenry Street and a 22ft garage door in the event room at South Shelby Street. We also have a forklift (Load: 3100lbs) and platform lift (Capacity: 500lbs) on site. Our street is semi truck accessible and within 1/2 mile of I65.

The Stage
Our stage is 20’x20’ with two 8’x16’ wings and is 34” tall. There is a 20’x10’ steel pallet rack back wall for scenic, curtain, or lighting attachment points. The stage is 730ft2 with a 770ft2 backstage area. There are 4 sets of moveable stairs.

PA and Sound
Behringer Eurodesk MX2442A Mixer (16 mono, 4 stereo channels) and Rane ME 60 equalizer, a 100’ 16×8 snake from the control booth to stage and a 100’ 12×4 snake for the stage, Two B-52 Professional MX-1515 (600w each) tops with two B-52 Professional LX-18AV3 (1200w each) subs, and (as a backup pa) 2 Yorkville YS-115 tops and 2 powered Pulse PS210P, 3 Earth Sound Research M420H monitors on a Carvin RX1200 powered board, with various mics, stands, and cabling. The PA must be run by an Art Sanctuary authorized operator.

Lighting and Video
We have DMX controlled stage lighting with 49 fixtures and growing. House lights are handled by 4 high bay (300w) fixtures. Video is run with a VGA connection the control booth to a Mitsubishi XL5950U projector. There is a removable 20’x11’ screen rigged at the top center of the back curtain of the stage. The lighting and video must be run by an Art Sanctuary authorized operator.

Power and Wifi
The stage and control booth each have 2 separate dedicated 20a 110v circuits. There are various 20a 110v outlets along the walls and and in the ceiling in the large room and the gallery. A broadband connected, dedicated, password protected, wifi router and repeater are available for the event spaces. Cat 5 wired connections are also available.

Tables and Chairs
There are 125 stackable HON chairs + 25 school cafeteria style chairs, 8 high top bar tables, 6 light duty short tables, 10 heavy duty four top square tables, 4 heavy duty six top rectangle tables and 1 rolling heavy duty 8 top rectangle conference table.

Catering and Sales
We have several work station kiosks placed throughout the event spaces for ticketing, merchandise sales, and security. Our catering station, has roughly 60ft3 of refrigeration and 20ft3 of freezer space. We have a 4’ tall x 12’ wide storage area with two 6ft curved work stations and a liquor lock up cabinet.

Trash and Recycling
We have 12 inclosed fiberglass trash receptacles (40 gal) for indoor or outdoor use and 4 trash and 2 recycling city provided carts (95 gal).

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